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Is the CFAH CBD Review Sites Worth Trusting?

CFAH, the global herbal medical organization, is a not-for-profit membership organization that provides free educational resources on medical topics, such as medical marijuana, alternative and holistic medicine, organic health, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and more. One of the many outstanding benefits of CFAH is its CBD resource line, which includes a CBD review website. In this article, I will discuss the importance of CFAH CBD ratings and reviews, and why they are important for those seeking to learn about CBD and hemp products.

CFAH is the leading provider of educational material and patient education related to the many different health benefits of CBD as an herb. However, are all of the CFAH CBD review websites sales pitches? Certainly not necessarily. In reality, the overwhelming majority of CFAH readers - who come to this website seeking valuable information on CBD products - are really just looking for credible, reliable sources of information on CBD and hemp products.

The overwhelming majority of CFAH review websites and forums are run by pharmaceutical reps or affiliate marketers who sell products for many pharmaceutical companies. These people are not necessarily speaking from any place of knowledge when they write about CBD and hemp products. Many times, they are just regurgitating corporate information and promoting products from one particular source. For parents and consumers who are genuinely interested in learning about CBD and its many health benefits, it's important to avoid these types of review websites.

Some review websites that sell products related to CBD actually have no bearing on whether or not a particular CBD product is going to help you. In fact, there are many parents and consumers who buy different products based solely on these review websites. Many times, these parents and consumers are simply seeking out information on CBD and how it can benefit their child. Essentially, they're just shopping online with no intention of making a purchase in the store at all.

Another reason why it's important to avoid the CFAH websites promoting one type of CBD product over another, is because some of these websites actually use paid reviews to promote certain products. As you can imagine, pharmaceutical companies do not like to have unbiased, independent reviews published about their products. That's why most CBD review websites, if they are even independent, focus on highlighting just one or two CBD products. Why is this? Basically, pharmaceutical companies want only the most popular product on the market to be reviewed - and therefore, they are going to get a biased, sponsored review written by a pro-CBD person or organization.

If you want to find a good independent review website that promotes different CBD products, look to those that are owned by parents and caregivers. These review websites are run by parents who truly understand the concerns and needs of their child. Instead of relying on sales pitches from companies who just want to get you to buy a product, these sites offer you real stories from real people who have used all types of CBD products. If you are going to rely on these websites to make your decision about CBD, remember to go-by what you hear and see. Stay away from those websites who use "fake" testimonials and "paid for" reviews to sell products.


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