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Healthy Veggies Your ESA Dog Can Eat - 2022 Guide

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or mental stress it is recommended that you immediately get an esa letter online. Dogs are perhaps the best animal companions out there. The way they show affection towards their owners has helped countless people come out of depression. As the dog takes care of you mentally, you must groom them physically. This includes bathing them, combing their fur, and cutting their nails.

Cutting a Dog’s Nails and How

Nail cutting is essential for hygiene and physical attraction. A dog, like other emotional support dog letter, is born clean and beautiful; therefore, you must responsibly maintain this beauty. There's a high chance that even the best apartment dogs such as golden retrievers and bulldogs will resist while you’re clipping their nails because of the unnatural nature of clipping. A solution must be provided to dog owners like yourself whereby your dog does not misbehave and gives you his/her paw straight away for clipping.

You have to use the best equipment for the job. Good dog nail clippers are easy to manually maneuver, make no noise, have safety features, and do not leave sharp-cut nails. With the help of professional equipment, patience, and psychology, you can make this traumatizing experience easy for your dog. You must have plenty of your dog's favorite treats present to effectively train them into staying still and not misbehaving while the nail clipping takes place.

Paw Handling Training for nail clipping

  • For New owners

If you are a new owner (less than a week), it is better to let your new companion be 100 percent comfortable with you. You can do this by constantly cuddling with them. During this time, you must also touch their paws, and make them comfortable with the idea of closeness through emotional support animal letter. You can do this by massaging all 4 of their paws on different occasions while feeding them snacks.

  • Pre-nail-cutting strategy

To make your dog comfortable with paw touching, prepare their favorite meal. Give it to them while you play with their paws. Squeeze each paw lightly, one after another, and let them eat their favorite food. After the dog is done, keep touching and squeezing his/her paws while giving treats. Repeat the word ‘paw’ regularly so that your dog relates it to good food and paw cuddles.

  • Paw command training

The first thing to do is to sit your dog down and give them their favorite treat. Ask for their paw and give them a treat. Now after some time, say the word paw, grab their paw, squeeze it lightly to reveal the nails, and give them a treat. Repeat this process until they give you their paw immediately when you say the word 'paw'. This will help you trim its nails on command.

  • Paw raising method

With an empty clenched fist, make your dog curious about what is inside your hand. Reveal that your hand is empty but still keep it in front of their face. Chances are that the dog will eventually touch your hand with its paw. As soon as that happens, give them a treat and repeat the process. This will not only teach your dog a new trick but will make nail clipping easier.

After the 3rd or 4th time, your dog will be comfortable with the idea of nail clipping. If you do not own an ESA, you should not be discouraged by this nail-clipping responsibility. Contact any mental health professional now and ask them to draft an ESA Letter for you. This legal document will ensure that your buddy legally accompanies you to places where regular pets aren’t allowed and even if your apartment building prohibits pets, they can’t object to this letter.


Pet grooming is a responsibility that takes some time to get used to. Clipping their nails and teaching them tricks will make your bond even closer. If you are a new ESA owner, follow the tips, and soon your dog won't even mind getting his/her nails clipped. For those who are thinking of getting an esa letter for housing, ask any owner and they'll tell you it's worth it.

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