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Literary Review Is One of the Fragments of Scientific Research

Each of us during his life had to engage in research activities and the design of scientific work. We made the first attempts of this kind of "scientific research" when we were still schoolchildren. After all, almost everyone had to use at one point when trying to write scientific papers, projects to participate in school conferences.

After leaving school, we moved on to a new level of education and entered either universities or colleges. And here we are faced with a new version of the same scientific research - term papers and theses, which are a prerequisite for obtaining the cherished crusts about education.

After graduating from university, some of us decide to continue our educational path, become candidates, doctors, professors, for which they need to or write all the same scientific opuses: candidate, doctoral. And, despite the fact that for us the concept of "research work" is not new, not all of us know what a literary review is.

Although, paradoxically, he is fluent in it in practice. We know that any scientific work consists of certain parts, each of which has its own name, and, accordingly, represents a special kind of information-content part. A literature review is usually part of the introduction. So even from school, we have mastered the concepts: introduction (introductory part), main part , paragraph, chapter, conclusion, bibliography.

In high school, terms such as introduction, chapter were added to this. You ask: "And where is among all this" literary review ", so familiar to us?" A literary review is just one of the parts, as a rule, of the introduction of any scientific work. Remember how you, in order to defend the consistency of your own views and the need to study something, wanted to get in order to get referred to the theoretical works of scientists known to the whole world.

This is exactly what a literary review is! It is about this that our further conversation will go in more detail. In addition to general concepts on this term, we will try to give an example of drawing up a review plan, as well as give a number of practical tips for writing it in a thesis.


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