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Basics Of Emotional Support Animals To Consider While Bringing Them Home - 2022 Guide

Once an ESA dog enters your life, it takes little to no time to get attached to them. Their presence can rapidly improve your mental and physical health. As you are gaining benefits from your esa letter online, it is your responsibility to take care of all its needs. By grooming your dog, you are not only maintaining their charm but also improving your own mental health.

Why is Grooming important

You have to take your dog outside with you as well. Thus, your dogs should be clean, have cut nails, and thoroughly brushed fur. This not only makes a good impression on the people around you but it's also important for the health of your pet. In case you do not currently own an ESA letter for housing and suffer from mental health issues, it is recommended that you get a Pitbull or a beagle. They are the best apartment dogs because their maintenance is easy. If grooming brings you joy, try getting a furrier and more extravagant dog such as an Alaskan husky, Poodle, or German Shepherd.

Tips and tricks for nail clipping

Nail clipping is an important part of grooming your dog, making him/her healthier and more hygienic. You must do it very carefully to prevent any chance of hurting your dog or yourself. Your dog may be very sensitive regarding his/her nails so patience is key. If you do not want to bear groomers costs for nail trimming, you can easily do it at home. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure a safe and healthy nail cutting experience.


This trick is for those who have younger pets. You must start nail clipping at a very young age so that the dog is comfortable around nail clippers. If they are used to getting groomed from a young age, they won’t over-react during the process of emotional support dog letter. It is easier to manipulate the dogs’ psychology when they are young.

Be patient

Nail clipping does not need to be done in 10 minutes. Give your dog time to adjust to their nails being cut. You can show them the nail clipper first and let them play with it so they know it is not dangerous. Some modern nail clippers make noise, so make your dog accustomed to the noise first. Make sure to keep trying constantly even if your dog is scared or runs away.


While cutting their nails, take the help of a friend or family member. They can feed your dog treats such as peanut butter to distract him/her from the nail clipping. After each nail is cut, give your dog a small treat to comfort them. You should have your dog's favorite food ready so that immediately after the nail-clipping nightmare, your dog can forget the experience.

Choice of nail clippers

Manual nail clippers are often cheap but they leave behind a sharp claw. The best dog nail clippers come with a file that can be used to even out the sharpness of the cut nails. An automatic nail grinding machine can be used, which removes layer after layer of nails. Make sure this automatic machine makes less noise because any loud noise can be traumatizing for your dog. The machine used must be light in weight and easy to maneuver with safety features included so you don't end up hurting your furry friend.

By following the given tips and tricks, you can make the nail clipping experience tolerable for your companion. If you still don’t own an ESA, contact any mental health professional. Upon diagnosis, they can draft a legal ESA letter for you. With the help of this letter, no landlord can discriminate against you, and most restaurants and stores will allow your companions to enter.


Nail clipping is not the easiest job in the world. You may end up making your little friend gloomy. You should therefore read the mentioned tips and tricks and ensure safety measures are in place. Buy slightly expensive nail clipping gear and distract your dogs with treats. If you don’t own an emotional support animal letter, don’t get discouraged by this responsibility because the reward of owning your dog makes up for everything

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