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Siri Voice Commands for iPhone for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Ever since Apple's virtual assistant Siri arrived in 2011 with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, our phones have become faster and easier to use. Now we can use scan apps on our phones. So why use taps, swipes, and gestures to navigate your device when you can use Siri? Whether you're an experienced iPhone user or a novice, Siri can help you control your device, save time, and increase productivity.

1. Getting started with Siri

Before you start using the virtual assistant, you must first ensure that Siri is enabled on your device.

• In the Settings app, tap and find Siri. In the Ask Siri app, the first option is to listen to Hey Siri - activate it to unleash the digital assistant. The first time you use this feature, you'll be asked to record your voice so that Siri can recognize you when you speak.

• Then press the Siri Home button on iPhone 8 and earlier or the Siri Side button on iPhone X and later. Finally, enable Siri when it's locked.

• You need a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to use Siri for these instructions. Siri will not work without a direct internet connection.

• The "Always on Hey Siri" message on iPhone 6S later works regardless of whether it is connected or charging but does not work when the iPhone is upside down or turned off.

2. Using Siri to Open Apps

You can use Siri to open any iOS app. This is a great way to unlock apps installed on your device but hidden in unknown folders. To do this, activate Siri and use the command "Open" followed by the name of the program. While you can use Siri to open apps, you still have to press the home button on iPhone 8 and older, or swipe up to close them on iPhone X and later.

3. Use Siri to manage settings

You can enable or disable basic settings using Siri. Activate Siri and use the command "On" or "Off" and then the name of the setting. Siri-controlled options include brightness, airplane mode, Bluetooth, cellular data, not tethered, and Wi-Fi. Siri doesn't work when airplane mode is turned on, so you'll need to manually turn off airplane mode.

4. Set reminders with Siri

Another way your digital assistant can make your life easier is with the Reminders app. To set a task, turn on Siri and use Set Reminder, then enter the name, date, and time of the task.

• To set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reminders, use the Set Reminder command followed by the task for which you want reminders.

• To delete an item, use the Clear Memory command after the item; Siri's phrase doesn't have to be exact, but it should match the keywords.

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